Quinty Rabophala

Kenokatha Farms

What does your company do?

We farms and process vegetables into various products such as stir fry, roasted vegetables,shredded cabbage , cubed butternut, peeled beetroot, cut spinach etc .We also do frozen chips. We employ 3 people on permanent basis and 15 on seasonal basis

What is your biggest success?

Our business model assist us to manage the cost of production in a sense that we plant the crops ourselves. As such we are not vulnerable to the volatility of the cost of vegetables at national markets. This also has an impact on the number of employment opportunities, we are able employ people during the process of farming until the product is ready for the market.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Access to the market has been a challenge for us mainly due to compliance . We are currently in a process of obtaining a GFSI compliance which will enable us to supply retailers , hotels etc