Rebaone Sephoti

Muffin Tops

What does your company do?

Muffin Tops (Pty) Limited is an innovative bakery venture based in South Africa, founded by Rebaone Sephoti. Established in 2020, Muffin Tops brings a unique touch to the bakery industry, primarily focusing on providing wholesome homemade bread and a delightful range of oven treats. Our flagship product, Potato Bread, has quickly become a customer favourite for its exceptional taste and quality. As a 100% black female-owned enterprise, we take pride in our dedication to serving our community and customers with the freshest and most authentic baked goods. Our mission is clear: To be the most unique and reliable bakery by serving and supplying the freshest bread and pastries. We are dedicated to using the finest ingredients and aspire to be the source of happiness, celebration, and sweet moments for our customers. Muffin Tops stands out in the competitive bakery market due to the unparalleled taste of our pastries. We take pride in crafting our products with minimal ingredients, preserving authenticity without compromise. This commitment to simplicity ensures that every bite brings a genuine and delightful experience.

What is your biggest success?

Authenticity: Muffin Tops’ dedication to using minimal ingredients and simple, authentic recipes has allowed us to create products that authentically capture the essence of homemade baking.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Despite our passion and dedication, limited financial resources have posed challenges in investing in state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and marketing. Additionally, our brand recognition and presence are currently lesser compared to some established competitors