Remofilwe Mabe

Aremel (PTY LTD) Beauty

What does your company do?

Aremel Beauty started as a nail bar and we have now ventured into individual lash extension services and soon to introduce hair, make up and massage services. The aim is to grow into a one-stop beauty salon that caters to both men and women with our main focus and target being women. Aremel Beauty takes great pride in delivering an exceptional service to all our clients and keeping up with all the new and relevant trends in the beauty industry.

What is your biggest success?

Starting this business has been my biggest success. Finding the perfect person to assist me in growing my company and treating it as their own was hard. I needed to get someone who is really good at what they do and I had to ensure that they were extremely skilled, and I finally found them after months of searching. Together we have created something that we are proud of and hope it will continue to grow.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As much as starting this business has been my biggest success, I have had to overcome some hurdles. It has not been an easy journey as I started off from the ground and still trying to build. Marketing a small business and trying to grow a client base has also been extremely challenging but we strive to keep marketing ourselves and trying to reach our desired target market. Meeting my monthly financial targets has also been very challenging, with the winter season being the worst, as people tend to stay home instead of getting their nails and lashes done. This has resulted in me using my personal income and savings to ensure that my employee is paid every single month without fail, irrespective of whether the business has made a profit or not.