Robin Julies

African Population Behavioural Research Institute- Consultancy

What does your company do?

African Population Behavioural Research Institute is a consulting service aimed at developing context-specific insights and solutions using ethical social science approaches. We endeavor to co-create impactful and sustainable solutions with our clients. Using this methodology ensures solutions are specifically curated for a client and is easily onboarded, yielding more sustainable results. We aim to serve clients professionally and thoughtfully in the following areas - Qualitative research, Focus groups, Facilitation, Change Agent, Strategic Planning, Quantitative Research, Stakeholder Engagement, IDI's, Conceptual Development, and Survey development services include: Project Conceptualisation Stakeholder engagement Formative research Qualitative/quantitative methodology Strategic Planning Facilitation/training Wellness input/insight development - We also undertake capacity building. One such example is hosting Diversity and sensitivity workshops which focuses on bringing awareness of biases in groups of people who work together and equipping them with tools to create better work culture amongst each other.

What is your biggest success?

The biggest success thus far is securing the contract to participate in a research conference on sexual violence and providing the wellness and care elements throughout the conference. Researchers/practitioners/advocates and survivors from all over the world will be attending. My consultancy along with our partners are working hard to ensure that all delegates and staff members feel contained and safe and that no one will walk away traumatized or triggered. It is such a great privilege for African Population Behavioural Research Institute to be part of such meaningful work.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

ACCESS! Access to spaces and places where my work would be valued has been limited. I have just finished a Master's degree and I am yet to complete the payments. Knowing where to access business development resources and which spaces to access where there are opportunities to pitch my work and how this can make significant differences, that is so hard to identify and access. Generally, there are costs attached to conferences, traveling fees - even just ubers - they add up. All these practical costs of running a business have been the biggest hurdle, that and the limited capacity that comes with doing it all by oneself. While I am fortunate to occasionsonally have help, the actual work can only be done by me or I have to outsource which brings additional expenses and that is often the difference between getting the contract or not. which again boils down to access.