What does your company do?

Providing legal Services for Litigation (Magistrate's Court and High Court) / Civil Law Litigation / Criminal Law Litigation / Commercial Law Litigation / Family Law Litigation / Harassment Interdicts / Child Maintenance / Parenting Plans / Divorce Law / Labour Law and Employment Relations / Property Law and Conveyancing / Wills / Estate Planning and Administration of deceased estates / Debt Collection - both soft and legal / Heavy Duty Transport Law / Prenuptial Agreements / Cyber Law and Electronic Communications Litigation / Compliance with the POPI Act (Act No. 4 of 2013) and PAIA Act (Act No. 2 of 2000) for Companies

What is your biggest success?

• During 2017 I was invited by the Law Society of the Northern Province of South Africa to attend the training course to become an aspirant candidate judge for the High and Appeal Court of South Africa. I completed the training successfully and I am now blessed to be part of a few attorneys that has this title in South Africa. • In 2020 I was blessed to be the recipient of the WOMEN OF WONDER Visionary Gauteng Award for 2020. • Also in 2020 I was blessed to be the recipient of the WOMEN OF WONDER International Law Awards for 2020, held in Dubai. • In July 2022 I was blessed to be nominated for the WOZA WOMEN in Law Awards, held at Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng, South Africa. • In January 2023 I was blessed to received a WOMEN OF WONDER AWARD 2023, held in Mauritius.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being in the industry that is mainly male dominated, I have had many hurdles to overcome, to show you might be a woman in heels, but there is no need to stand back for anyone. I believe in breaking glass ceilings and to show women empowerment in the industry of Law.