Rumo Moloto

Rumo Moloto Enterprise

What does your company do?

Rumo Moloto Enterprise hosts business empowerment seminars and free haircuts campaigns to primary school kids in the rural areas

What is your biggest success?

My greatest achievement is seeing the lives of young women and men starting their businesses after attending our business seminars. Their transformation and expansion in their businesses encourages Rumo Moloto Enterprise to continue doing more of the business seminars. As the organisation we’ve also manage to give our guest speakers an opportunity to get exposure and advertisement of their businesses as well.Our 1st and 2nd Annual seminars(With an attendance of atleast 100 attendees for each seminar)by all measures and accounts was a big success. The Haircut campaign fulfills our hearts with the smiles we have seen in the kid’s faces , we’ve been able to offer 100 boy children free haircuts .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest difficulty is to raise funds for hiring venue for our seminars and funds to pay staff members including professional barbers for the haircut campaign.