Sabeli Samkelisiwe Xaba

Phoziroster PTY LTD

What does your company do?

I am doing agricultural business farming where i specialise with poultry farming (broilers) and cattle, goats

What is your biggest success?

Beggining of this year i grew my scale per cycle from 150 to up to a thousand day old chicks that am raising and i then expanded to farming goats , i regard that as my success story.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle was that in 2020 lockdown affected my business so mych so in such a way that i nearly gave us but giving us wasn't an option i continued then recovered then in 2021 i got affected by looting , thieves came and took everything i had in my small farm including machinery and equipment , that was a real struggle to me as a young emerging entrepreneur and in 2022 floods came by force to me and i was totally destroyed but i never gave up because i even tried to apply for relief grants or assistance but no one cane in for me instead i started afresh everything and financed my venture from my stipend and i must say i have been struggling but i will never give up because i know i am building an empire and one day i will be a successful business owner. and last year when avian flue was destroying , i also got destroyed about 200 chickens died and they were ready for sale so the loss was really huge.