Samkelisiwe Sithole

Luhnyezi Farms

What does your company do?

Luhnyezi farms is a poultry farming business that is based in the rural areas of KZN ,founded by a woman in 2021 with the aim to fight against poverty, unhealthy food intake and the threat of food security in our country. We offer the following products and services: -We run a poultry hatchery where incubate and hatch fertile eggs to produce quality day-old broiler chicks -We run a broiler production where we rear day old broiler chicks to produce quality and healthy chicken meat -We run a rural poultry abattoir, where we offer the services of slaughtering and packaging chicken -We offer training and development to small scale poultry farmers, virtually we have partnered with Alison online courses to introduce entrepreneurship combined with practical training to build sustainable businesses in the community ,targeting businesses all over South Africa,these trainings offer practical poultry trainings and the use of technology to gain information for business growth aswell as a platform for collaboration and partnerships in the poultry industry.

What is your biggest success?

We had a major loss when we had almost 80% mortality of chicks due to low quality chicks supply ,and this kept on happening for 3 cycles until I decided to bring a solution to my problem ,I realised that since iam still a small scale poultry business ,I have to travel more than 35Km to get day old broiler chicks and even in that struggle the commercial hatcheries priorities large scale poultry farmers for quality chicks and the small scale farmers end up getting low quality chicks and I started my own hatchery which started with a small incubator machine within 3 months in the hatching business I had an influx of customers and increased our capacity by 110% and currently producing 2000 chicks per cycle

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle is not having my own transport for deliveries.