Sandra Westwood

TCF Assessing t/a TCF & Associates

What does your company do?

TCF Assessing (Pty) Ltd offers expert investigation/assessment services on a variety of Short-Term Insurance claims including motor, non-motor, personal lines, commercial lines, and public liability. Our mission is to uphold justice and fairness in the insurance industry while restoring public trust in our role as claims adjudicators.

What is your biggest success?

Despite unconscious bias in our industry, I proudly stand as one of only ±13 female Loss Adjusters running their own businesses out of 34 female members among 264 in the Institute of Loss Adjusters of Southern Africa. Rather than viewing the gender disproportion as a setback, I see it as a call to action to inspire more women to join and excel in this field. Since founding TCF Assessing, our business and reputation have consistently grown. We have built a team of dedicated experts who share our vision. Despite economic turmoil & a global pandemic– just a few of the many reasons we could have given up, our pure determination, resilience, and commitment to justice and fairness have driven our success. In times of such uncertainty, our survival is a testament to our success, and our growth reflects our dedication and the strength of our mission.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our greatest challenge has been breaking through traditional barriers and carving out our niche for Women Loss Adjusters with equal opportunities, which has demanded perseverance and creativity. Another challenge has been reshaping consumer perceptions of Loss Adjusters, historically viewed as individuals tasked with reducing claim values. Everyone can recount a war story involving an insurance assessor, but we intend to change that. Our aim is to convey the true essence of our role: unbiased and independent experts ensuring fair and just claim processing. Upholding the highest ethical standards, regardless of who engages our services, is paramount. This shift in perception underscores our crucial responsibility as Independent Loss Adjusters, emphasizing our steadfast commitment to integrity and fairness in every aspect of our work. Overcoming these obstacles requires ongoing innovation and unwavering determination. By championing equality and pushing boundaries, we're not just overcoming hurdles—we're redefining success in our industry.