Sanele Vilakazi

Flourish : Flourish and Grow Great with Sanele

What does your company do?

I'm a social franchisee I support and empower pregnant moms and moms with babies I am an advocate mothers and motherhood matters. I offer antenatal and postnatal education also volunteer in my local government hospital as a Doula since our clinics / hospitals don't allow expecting moms birthing partners to be with them during labour. I also have a postpartum depression support group since I have been with them from conception to birth I might as well be with them in their very low I don't have a website as I am a social franchisee I use the franchise site

What is your biggest success?

Helping more than 600 woman and families in the past 3 years around soweto free of charge. Supporting them through their pregnancy journey. Getting access to the government clinics welcomed with warmth and other even offer empty room so I can offer my services to the moms

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Transport going to different clinics and data for the moms who are doing online classes but all this did not stop me, sometimes if there's loadsheding some mom can't attend because of network connections