Sareta Schutte

Kilima Horned Heritage Program

What does your company do?

At Kilima Horned Heritage, we are committed to upholding and enriching the legacy of Ankole cattle and other game species through sustainable breeding. We employ cutting-edge technology to preserve our lineage, prioritizing sustainability and ethical principles. Our mission is to lead in breeding, celebrating genetics and biodiversity conservation. Through collaboration and innovation, we set industry benchmarks while prioritizing environmental conservation and ethical values, ensuring a lasting legacy for the future.

What is your biggest success?

First and foremost, completing my Bachelor's in Business Administration marked a pivotal achievement, providing me with a solid academic foundation to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Moreover, I take immense pride in my role as the CEO of the Family Advice Council, where I've implemented steadfast structures to fortify our family legacy while simultaneously serving as the matriarch of the Family Forum, nurturing cohesion and support within our familial bonds. Additionally, obtaining qualifications as a licensed Discovery Insights practitioner and COMENSA business coach has empowered me to extend my expertise beyond traditional realms, guiding others towards their own paths of success. Amidst these accomplishments, establishing a coveted Ankole herd and serving on the Ankole Association stand as testaments to my dedication and passion for the agricultural sector. The ‘cherry on top’ was acquiring my first Cape Lob Eared Goats early 2024.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Passion, Patience and People As an Ankole cattle farmer deeply invested in both the business and the passion it represents, I've encountered a myriad of challenges on my journey to success. Foremost among these challenges is the overwhelming passion I harbor for my work. While this passion fuels my drive and ambition, it can sometimes lead to frustration when others don't share the same level of enthusiasm or fail to grasp the intricacies of my breeding program. Additionally, navigating the complexities of working with people, whether due to their inexperience or misunderstanding, has presented significant hurdles in optimizing my breeding efforts. Furthermore, as someone accustomed to fast-paced endeavors, the inherent patience required in the long-term nature of breeding can test my resolve. However, I've learned to channel these challenges into opportunities for growth, continuously refining my approach and unwavering in my commitment to achieving success in the Ankole cattle industry.