Saskia Riley

Hucklberry Media

What does your company do?

We are a specialized brand development agency with a primary focus on Personal Branding and Business. Our mission is to bolster thought leaders and businesses that are deeply rooted in humanistic values. Our distinct approach, which marries strategy with intuition, truly sets us apart from the crowd. We pride ourselves on more than just our ability to build brands. We excel at intuitively aligning our clients with their most benevolent purpose for their lives, helping them find meaningful and rewarding paths. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that we not only create impressive brands, but also foster deeper connections between businesses and their stakeholders. We are dedicated to helping our clients realize their highest potential and transform their vision into reality.

What is your biggest success?

Our most significant accomplishment to date has been the development and implementation of our Inspire Forward Programme. Born from our fiery passion as we overcame the odds to build a thriving business empire, this innovative initiative breathes life into diverse projects crafted by the Hucklberry team. Our mission is to inspire the youth, instilling in them social values and morals, and equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge to reach their full potential. Our team is a mosaic of resourceful business leaders who have overcome significant challenges. We cherish diversity, respect the workplace, and inspire meaningful work. Moreover, we have also been fortunate to engage with a wide variety of clients who have played a pivotal role in propelling our businesses to unprecedented heights. Their invaluable insights and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping us refine our processes, expand our offerings, and continually strive for excellence.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

At present, one of our most significant challenges lies in scaling our operations. Balancing the number of internal and partner team members against the load of clients we take on has proven to be a complex task. This balancing act extends to the intricate dance of working on the business—strategizing, planning, and pursuing growth opportunities—while simultaneously working in the business, delivering our services and maintaining the quality our clients have come to expect. This challenge is further compounded by the fact that we are deeply committed to nurturing talent from within our ranks. Many of our team members first joined us as interns, and we believe in their potential and the unique insights they bring to our operations. As such, we are keen on offering permanent positions to these individuals, helping them grow alongside our business. With adequate funding, we are confident that we can shift this dynamic significantly. Additional financial resources would enable us to hire more of these promising interns as full-time team members, thereby increasing our capacity to service more clients without compromising on the quality of our work. This move aligns perfectly with our ethos of empowering our people and would be a major step towards achieving our long-term vision.