Seishini Pillay

Changing Hearts

What does your company do?

By Creating awareness on Bullying Prevention amongst students, schools and communities all across South Africa; and by using the Performing Arts and Fashion as platforms to promote, raise funds and create awareness.

What is your biggest success?

When I started Changing Hearts- ProjectROAR, my aim was to enlighten people of the pain that I went through as a parent of a child that was bullied. I wanted people to learn what I learnt and what trauma my child went through and how it damaged and affected her self worth and self esteem. My concern was not to hide and pretend everything was normal and okay because it wasn’t. I didn’t want anyone- parent or child go through Bullying because it affects everyone concerned. My greatest achievement was seeing my child come out of her shell and be confident and proud of herself. Music is what has helped her become more confident and it is, what saved her. In 2022, I moved her into a new school (and area) and I approached a school colleague and friend who had a Performing Arts Academy in that area and asked her if she would do voice training with my daughter who loved singing. She helped my daughter gain enough confidence to be able to perform in a show called Rise, last year( 2023) which was about Bullying and I spoke at the beginning of the show, speaking about my experience. For me, my greatest achievement was seeing my daughter smile with pride as she handed over a boutique of flowers at the end of the show.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Unfortunately, I have two autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions that have made it difficult to spread awareness of Bullying. My health has been my greatest hurdle in my vision in creating awareness on bullying prevention. Health wise 2023 was not a good year in the progression of what I want to achieve.