Selanei Doorasamy

Vestara Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

I connect women with remote work opportunities as virtual assistants (VAs). VAs provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to businesses from a remote location. This allows women the flexibility to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection, giving them more control over their schedules. Job Board: I provide a platform specifically focused on virtual assistant jobs. This makes it easier for women to find legitimate VA opportunities that suit their skills and interests. Focus on Work-Life Balance: My mission is to empower women to achieve a healthy work-life balance. By offering remote VA opportunities, you enable them to earn a good income while also having time for their families and personal pursuits. In essence, I'm creating a space where women can find meaningful work that complements their lives, not disrupts them. Skills Development: I am building resources or training programs to help women develop the skills needed to become successful VAs. Community Building: I foster a community among my VAs to can provide them with support, networking opportunities, and a sense of belonging. Client Matching: I go beyond just a job board by offering services to match VAs with suitable clients based on their skills and experience. By combining virtual assistant services, a targeted job board, and a focus on work-life balance, my business has the potential to be a game-changer for women seeking a flexible and rewarding career path.

What is your biggest success?

As a new business, I wouldn't say I've had a single "biggest success" yet. But the most exciting thing for me has been seeing women connect with the idea of having more control over their work lives. The spark in their eyes when they realize they can be successful VAs and build a fulfilling career on their own terms – that's what motivates me. Every woman who joins our community and finds a path to freedom through VA work is a huge win!

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Honestly, getting the word out and building trust has been my biggest hurdle so far. The virtual assistant world can feel overwhelming, and there are a lot of options out there. I want women to know I'm here for them, offering a supportive community and legitimate opportunities. It takes time to build that reputation, but every satisfied VA and happy client is a step forward!