Senior Madubane

Kazigirl Foundation

What does your company do?

The organization's main objectives are: As Kazigirl foundations we make sure no girl child miss school due to natural causes, sanitary pads and cosmetics are given to the girls on monthly bases as our backgrounds differs based on our finances. Lunch box is given to them daily, a tutor is hired to assist them academically. As season changes in winter, we buy them winter school uniform also in summer, to make sure they are warm when going to school. We make sure there are activities for them, transport is covered them ever we travel for a distance or going for carrier exhibitions. When it's Christmas, we buy clothes for them. We try to encourage them to focus on school/books hence we check their term reports the best achiever we make event to award the best achiever so that they can learn from one another. b. The organisation's secondary objectives will be to: • E.g To work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deals with food access to households

What is your biggest success?

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Getting sponsored Getting funding from social development