What does your company do?

Our company offers three main functions - THS RENTAL is our party rental that services event management companies, events stylists, catering companies, conferencing and wedding venues. - THS LIVING is our online homeware store selling homewares to private homes. - THS RESET is our retail business that sells tableware to restaurants, hotels, cafes, and catering businesses

What is your biggest success?

The biggest success by far has been joining the business on a full time basis. It started the business while working and only permanently joined on the 01 DECEMBER 2019. This has help the business to be recognised as a player in the hospitality sector, specifically the party rental space. We have worked with some very big customers and they continued using our service. We continue listening to our a talking notes of their biggest frustrations. As the result, we have launched the online homeware store and party rental box called “my set table”. This is a do it yourself box that contains all party rental essentials for a home celebration. The aim is have convenient and stress-free hosting.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

There has be a few hurdles we have experienced. The biggest has been COVID, as I was joined the business on a permanent basis - we went months without income due to COVID. The COVID period has financially hurt us but has also made us very resilient.