Seshini Ganesh

Fabulous cartoon characters

What does your company do?

We make all beautiful polystyrene cartoon from the raw material polystyrene. We create beautiful images mainly cartoons. We provide firstly for the underprivileged communities were kids didn't even have a party in their lives. These create a big smile on their faces an brightens up the moods at their parties. These kids cannot sometimes afford to even have a television to watch cartoons. So by providing these cartoons to them makes a big smile which brings warmth to our hearts. We provide to creches for the underprivileged babies and kids who don't have parents . Kids who are abandoned and left in homes. We decorate them an it brings a smile to their faces each an every day. We also provide to religious organisations like temples and churches. But main focus is giving the community a smile on their faces especially if they want to make that special day memorable. The old age homes is my most inspiring area where my heart melts especially making a difference in these old peoples lives. We design birthboards and donate them for these old people

What is your biggest success?

Seeing a smile on someone's face expecially if that child is abandoned. We step in making sure that the child as a remarkable party. We decorate an design these cartoons to create a warm full day . Just to see the smile on those kids is my greatest achievement.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

There was no really big hurdles . Only when COVID hit us it was very bad because parties had to stop. And we couldn't visit these special need kids weather is was in school or in underprivileged homes.