Seshini Ganesh

Fabulous cartoon characters

What does your company do?

We manufacture beautiful kids decor from the raw material polystyrene. We turn plain polystyrene sheets into beautiful images, which we supply to schools, creches, religious places, functions and public. These impact the community in a very remarkable way. We make alot of items from this material which can view on the video link. Examples are centerpieces for tables , room wall decor , cupcakestands, namestands , birthday boards , photoboards an Photoframes. These make a major impact on our local community as these bring great smiles in everyone's heart and we make sure their event weather it's a birthday party or a religious event. Thank you

What is your biggest success?

From the time I started this business I think this was my biggest success in my life ,reason being it brought smiles to million of peoples faces, weather it was for a kid or an adult , young or old , it definitely brought smiles to their hearts. These were local community residents and out of my country residents. I also courier and post to customers who cannot pick up directly. The best part of this success is knowing even though you getting paid for what you provide you also getting the satisfaction that God gifted me with a remarkable talent which a few people can have. It turned not only to a business but making customers happy at the end of the day.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I didn't really have any big hurdles in life. But COVID time , business went down . But this was for almost every business owner. I never gave up thou. And during that time it made me realise that life is short so I was giving more rather than receiving . And now since COVID as passed god as rewarded my giving into blessings were my business is expanding an making a great impact in the community.