Shantelle Long-Booysen

Elim Spa Products Int.

What does your company do?

Elim Spa Products was the first to formulate and manufacture products for medical pedicures. We have made a difference globally by taking the focus of purely pampering pedicures to more corrective treatments. Our products address conditions like athlete's foot, nail infections, ingrown nails, and excess skin growth. These are conditions many women and men struggle with but it is not addressed in a traditional pedicure where your nails and relaxation are focus areas. We export our products and hold registrations of all our formulas in the UK, EU, with the FDA, and in Dubai and Saudi. We also export successfully to Australia and NZ. Elim actively takes part in the growth of our industry and I personally am a mentor for USAID (united states agency for international development) constantly mentoring and developing South African business woman to a level where they can export their product. Our company has been awarded AWIEF global brand of the year, the National Gazelles award from the minister of small business, exporter of the year and I was also a finalist in EOY. Elim is here not to manufacture existing products and follow market trends but rather to innovate and bring new products and solutions to the industry.

What is your biggest success?

Being the solution to a problem that has never been addressed. Women go to the spa or Salon with foot issues and it is rarely addressed. We developed a Medical Pedicure that caters for men and women who not only want to enjoy a treatment but would like to address issues eg Nail Fungus, Cracked heels etc. Winning the Global Brand Award Africa from AWIEF made my team very very proud.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Registrations of products in foreign markets has always been difficult because the industry in South Africa is not regulated. We fall under the EU regulations for cosmetics but manufacture in a country with no regulations.