Sharli Harmse

Soph Aesthetic Clinic

What does your company do?

Our company specializes in the realm of skincare aesthetics and beauty. We provide a range of services including aesthetic skincare using premium products like Theravine, a local brand. Additionally, we excel in laser hair removal and a variety of other beauty treatments tailored to enhance your natural radiance and wellbeing.

What is your biggest success?

The cornerstone of our success is rooted in empowering individuals to embrace their innate beauty and cultivate self-assurance without resorting to procedures such as Botox, embodying a commitment to enhancing both inner and outer beauty to foster self-love and acceptance, resulting in the gratifying fulfillment of witnessing the joy and contentment on our clients' faces following each treatment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle initially was encouraging clients to return for additional visits. Building trust and loyalty took time, but once clients experienced the quality of our services and saw the natural, beautiful results, they became regulars. Establishing that initial trust was a significant challenge that we overcame through transparency and showcasing our expertise.