Sheena Paulus

Tri Toad Nursery

What does your company do?

Tri Toad Nursery, established in 2022, is a female-owned and operated plant nursery supplying major retailers in the Western Cape. As a commercial seedling grower, we have developed a fast-growing brand known for quality seedlings. Our commitment to social impact is demonstrated through our donation of over 2 million sponsored seedlings to more than 30 nonprofit organizations, community gardens, and households, supporting food security initiatives.

What is your biggest success?

Growing a great quality product then Securing multiple retail trade agreements within 12months of operations and donating millions of seedlings and plants to communities, then witnessing the social impact made in the most vulnerable communities in Cape Town - Biggest Joy and Fulfilment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Cash flows for expansion and general teething phases with start of the nursery project