Shenaaz Hoosen

DotGOOD (Bespoke by Barrow)

What does your company do?

I am a stills and professional photographer. I take out pictures at events, tv shows, birthday parties, weddings, items, office shoots and many more things that the eye can capture. I assist with videography and Photography for big brands and love doing shoots on different project, activations and campaigns. Website: Photobomb Pictures by Shenaaz Hoosen

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success is starting my business at a young age after college. As a person who did not have funds to study, I was awarded a bursary to study for a Business Management Diploma. After working at odd jobs, such as promotional work and working 12 hours shift. I managed to save some money to purchase a professional Nikon camera and received training in Photography which started my Journey. I have always had an eye for photography and started working my way in the business, media, entertainment photography industry and pushed hard in marketing my self by word of mouth and by face. Some of my major work is working for pro-bono services such as Cotlands – dine with celebrities and SPCA in the Northern and Pretoria area. My other main success was working on a DSTV show for Rapid Blue as a stills Photographer which was on TV.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle for myself is when I started my business I had to push myself and strive to make sales on my own. As a business owner one must push themselves further to gain experience and work. My other challenge is that Technology is changing so much and youngsters are available to do this job at such an early stage in life that I look old now.…although I’m youthful and like to be seen running around with cameras. Also, there is too many cameras / cellphones with high quality digital images which is very easy to purchase and shoot then hire a professional photographer.