Shocky Ntobeng

Minime Mobile Spa Emporium


What does your company do?

Offering mobile spa services - Massage therapy, Facial treatments, Body treatment, Feet therapy, Cooperate events and travel packages

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success has been building a loyal client base and receiving consistent positive feedback on our services. I've had the privilege of helping countless individuals reduce stress, improve their mental and physical well-being, and feel more confident and empowered. Seeing the tangible impact of our work on people's lives has been incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, I've successfully partnered with local businesses and organizations to offer our services at events and workshops, expanding our reach and reputation. Lastly being featured on a tv show known as Trendz Travel on SABC 2 and having a radio interview with Thobela FM, had a positive impact on us and gave us an opportunity to reach out to new markets

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of my biggest hurdles has been navigating the competitive and rapidly changing landscape of the wellness industry, particularly as a mobile spa business. I've had to adapt quickly to new trends and technologies while maintaining a high level of quality and personalized service. Additionally, managing a team of therapists and coordinating logistics has been a challenge, but I've learned valuable lessons in leadership, communication, and problem-solving.