Shontelle Rabothata

Shontelle’s Skin Care

What does your company do?

We spend quality time formulating and manufacturing high end skin and hair care products which contain ingredients that are 100% pure and natural. I play far from chemicals. So our products are not only effective but safe. They are all Vegan & Beauty without cruelty. Also Eco-friendly.

What is your biggest success?

Creating jobs for the youth it’s my biggest success. Despite gaining great recognition in my province and finally executing my idea to bear fruits, I just love how my idea gave others an opportunity to not only make money to feed their families but to also learn about business and draw inspiration from my story

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Accessibility of products when it comes to clients. By the time we started trending on Facebook after launching our products, we received a high volume of orders on WhatsApp in Limpopo and Gauteng and we did not have adequate equipment to produce large batches of products. Clients where being impatient, whereas some did not get a chance to get our products. But with the little profit we made, we invested in equipment to reach as many people as we can. It was hard to process everything, but through patience and diligence, we conquered