Sian Passanah

Storyline Marketing

What does your company do?

Storyline Marketing is a marketing agency that helps small to medium-sized businesses bring their brand stories to life. Inspired by the StoryBrand principle, we're dedicated to helping brands define their marketing messages (very clearly) and then use that message to infiltrate their marketing efforts and channels in the most effective ways possible. What sets us apart is our passion for making a difference and our commitment to empowering and educating our clients. Understanding that smaller businesses, busy businesses, sometimes lack the expertise and resources to navigate marketing challenges, we step in to level the playing field and give them a fighting chance. Our mission is to provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the long term. Our offerings are therefore unique in that they are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether clients opt for our traditional 'done for you' marketing solutions or choose to leverage our expertise to build their in-house capabilities, we ensure they're fully equipped for success and longevity. Plus, our support doesn't end with service delivery—we're dedicated to providing ongoing guidance and assistance every step of the way.

What is your biggest success?

I would proudly say that my biggest success is starting my own business. Taking the leap, along with the risks that come with it, to become an entrepreneur and pursue my passion for making a positive impact on businesses and individuals who need it. Securing my own office space, albeit very small, was a significant milestone for me too. Establishing a dedicated space for Storyline not only symbolised growth, but also reflected my commitment to professionalism. Moreover, every client signup and every client win are a success in their own right, reinforcing the value of my work and the impact of Storyline.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of my toughest challenges in running my business has been navigating the correct pricing strategies and securing resources. Limited resources have sometimes hindered getting the necessary support for growth, while grappling with pricing structures (particularly underpricing quite severely) has made it difficult to invest wisely. It seems to be a cycle that demands constant adaptation. Despite these hurdles, I've tried to embrace them as opportunities, driving me to find solutions, working really hard to build my brand. I'm still open almost three years later, and growing.