Sindisiwe Mqedlana

Msizi Mqedlana Foundation


What does your company do?

Msizi Mqedlana Foundation is a NPO based in Durban , Kwazulu Natal founded by a widow who lost her husband due to kidney failure . Sindisiwe Mqedlana offers counselling to those affected with kidney failure , she also transports patients to dialysis centers to treatment as she understands how difficult it is to struggle for transportation when you are going for treatment. After being selected as a resource mobilizer for eThekwini children's sector , the organization now track and trace those children living with HIV and link them back to care , working together with the department of health .

What is your biggest success?

We have empowered individuals living with kidney failure by equipping them with knowledge and skills needed to manage their condition effectively , through educational workshops, information materials and personalized support. We have helped individuals understand their treatment options, adhere to medication regimens, and make informed decisions about their health. Another achievement I would say would be is improved access to transportation, by transporting our patients to dialysis centers, we have helped these individuals living with kidney failure overcome barriers such as lack of transportation and financial constraints. This has led to improved health outcomes and enhanced quality of life to our beneficiaries.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of our hurdle has been to secure adequate funding to sustain our transportation and counselling program is a significant challenge. Operating transportation services and hiring qualified counselors require financial resources, and we often face limitations in funding availability, as a result , we struggle to meet the growing demand for our services and expand our reach to serve more individuals in need.