Sinegugu Cele

Good To Glow

What does your company do?

My company makes and sells skin and hair care products. We currently have four many products but plan on expanding it and making it an entire cosmetics brand.

What is your biggest success?

Being able to win two awards in a space of two years even though its my first ever business and I had never planned to start it. Having studied and worked in corporate, prior and decided to quite my job as the company I was working at was struggling, and I could see it was falling about. I decided to take the plunge at that moment and it paid off. Being able to build a brand in a small town, using very limited resources and mostly being self taught but still managing to make a mark and grow my brand and also being able to inspire other people to follow their dreams. Being able to be the first person in my family and my neighbourhood to do what I am doing.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Getting space to work at. My business is in its start up phase so there is alot of growing that needs to happen. I make the products, do the admin, marketing and delivery, just to mention a few. I am currently not making enough to employ somone so sometimes I struggle with the work load but I have systems in place that help me do as much as possible. Another challenge is space. I currently work from home and ideally I would love to have my own space to work from but rent is costly so I currently work from home and I am working on expanding my product range so that I can get a higher turnover and more customers so that I can be able to pay for space.