Sipamandla Manqele

Local Village Africa

What does your company do?

Local Village was founded on a vision to source uniquely African raw materials farmed in rural communities with the aim of creating wholesome food products and making them accessible to more people. Our range includes ancient grains , superfoods, gluten free flours, pastas , legumes , snacks, honey, and beverages that nurture the body and feed the soul.

What is your biggest success?

Getting our national listing at Dischem after so many attempts. Another big success for us has been having launched our beverage brand Bissap Beverages - which will be coming to store soon. Launching vusumzi initiative where the lives of 138 rural dwellers has been improved in lusikisiki 2024 and having 450 beneficiaries and 1778 Indirect beneficiaries.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The food industry is highly regulated and requires capital to comply with the regulation, which is not easily available in SA. We have however managed to partner with various stakeholders who have supported us greatly along this journey.