Sis Mantoa Selepe


What does your company do?

We advocate Gender Equality on the ground by empowering underprivileged women with essential adequate skills to enable them to start their own businesses consequently minimise poverty and unemployment. Our aim is to lessen the Societal evil and extricating women from the toxic abusive environment. Additionally, Sis' Mantoa, the founder of AbafaziPhambili recently launched a magazine " Conversations with Sis' Mantoa" aimed at women empowerment and shedding the injustices faced by the women at the grassroots level. Link: (Flip book please click May 2024 on the top menu)

What is your biggest success?

Mail and Guardian Top 50 Powerful Women in RSA under the category " Governing Women" She as accomplished writer of the book " Invincible Pain" She has launched her own magazine focusing on Women struggle She has won several injustices case for the women on the ground She has contributed to several articles/ publications on women issues.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Funding the organisaton is a serious hurdle we are facing right now.