Sisanda Mbodlela

SM Solutions

What does your company do?

We are a turnkey digital marketing agency whose core business is providing other businesses with a corporate identity, online presence and automated business processes. our solutions range from graphic design, printing, social media management, website, and software system development to ensure your business is well-marketed and operational.

What is your biggest success?

Besides seeing our work displayed in many buildings and vehicles around town, we take pride in our client's success benefitted from the services we provide. to date our biggest accomplishment has been acquiring a retainer contract with PetroSA a leading petroleum Agency in South Africa, this opportunity has birthed many other aspects of growth for us to branch of to servicing a body of other big oil & gas companies such as CEF, PASA, SANPC and SFF to name a few, we are contracted to improve the digital footprint of these agencies and thus improving their business model and incorporating the latest technology trend.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My most significant hurdle to overcome in business has been the transition from self-employment to building a team. As a young female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, I faced unique challenges in navigating the complexities of leadership and management. Specifically, I struggled with the weight of responsibility that comes with being accountable for employees' salaries and well-being, as well as managing diverse personalities and work styles. Having previously worked independently, I had to adapt to a new role that required me to prioritize the needs of others, delegate tasks effectively, and foster a positive company culture. This shift was not only operationally challenging but also emotionally demanding, as I had to develop a thicker skin and learn to balance empathy with assertiveness. Despite these obstacles, I have persevered and continue to grow as a leader, learning valuable lessons about resilience, communication, and the importance of mentorship and support networks. Overcoming this hurdle has made me a stronger, more agile entrepreneur, better equipped to navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape