Sphesihle Mavimbela


What does your company do?

SetGo is a meal prep company catering to time-strapped individuals seeking healthy and convenient food options. We offer a variety of meal packages tailored to different dietary preferences, including low carb, vegetarian, high protein, and everyday balance. Our meals are designed to support overall health and wellness goals, making it easier for our customers to maintain a nutritious diet amidst their busy lifestyles. With nationwide delivery options and a commitment to quality ingredients, SetGo is dedicated to providing convenient and wholesome meal solutions for everyone.

What is your biggest success?

SetGo's biggest success has been its strategic move towards establishing a robust online presence. By launching our website, we've revolutionized the customer experience, transitioning from laborious WhatsApp orders to a seamless shopping platform. This milestone has not only enhanced accessibility but also allowed us to engage more effectively with our customers and understand their evolving needs. Additionally, our partnership with third-party logistics companies has enabled us to extend our services nationwide, reaching customers from Cape Town to Johannesburg and beyond. This expansion signifies our growth prospects and solidifies our position as a national business while remaining rooted in Durban.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest challenge lies in expanding our capacity to meet the growing demand for our services. Currently operating from a home-based setup, we face limitations in terms of storage space and equipment, hindering our ability to serve more customers efficiently. Additionally, building trust with customers who prefer a physical storefront remains a hurdle. These challenges impede our potential for organic growth and prevent us from tapping into untapped market segments effectively.