Suzan Motseo



What does your company do?

Fashion house that creates inclusive designs (cloths, bags & accessories) for women of different African body shapes. We source our fabrics locally from women owned businesses because we are intentional about supporting the female entrepreneurs and building an African brand that draws inspiration from the African history.

What is your biggest success?

Been able to showcase our designs at Soweto, Vilakazi street box shop. This collaboration enabled ItuSue_Collection brand to be visible to the masses both locally and to the tourism industry. We launched unique winter unisex design in a form of tracksuits and this made waves in the social media spaces.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Just like most start-up businesses, my biggest constrain has always been the capital injection to invest in sewing machines, owning a production space to create more garments and the ability to create permanent jobs, particularly of youth, as we know this is 1 of the major challenges our South African country is faces with. We would love to be a fashion hub that also trains upcomimg fashion designers by offering internship opportunities as well. We have had a major challege with owning our own fashion shop where our customers can have a feeo and touch experience of our work. Online shop has been the main platform our clients could shop since the closing of the Box shop in Vilakazi street.