Tabisa Lozwa

Propositive foundation

What does your company do?

We offer mental health conversations and create platforms to encourage young people to give back share their stories and even give back skills and experience.

What is your biggest success?

I'm Tabisa from the Eastern Cape. During the COVID lockdown, I faced unemployment and homelessness. Instead of giving up, I chose to adopt a propositive attitude and help others. I volunteered with NGOs, which led me to establish the Pro-Positive Foundation and Pro-Positive Innovators. Our mission is to inspire people to focus on their strengths, despite challenges, and provide a platform to share their experiences and skills. This is my biggest achievement. I'm proud to have transformed my struggles into a force for good. Through our work, I aim to empower others, spread positivity, and make a meaningful impact in our community. I'm living proof that adversity can be overcome, and I'm dedicated to helping others do the same.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been navigating the challenges of building a business and foundation from scratch. I've learned that success isn't just about glamour and glitz, but about consistency and perseverance. It's tough to let go of people who don't share your vision and trust the process, but it's essential for growth. I've seen our community flourish and our brand compete with local and international organizations, which motivates me to keep going. As a founder, I've had to overcome self-doubt, financial struggles, and setbacks, but the impact we've made in our community keeps me driven. Through it all, I've learned to be content with the process and trust that our mission will continue to inspire and uplift others.