Talitha de Klerk

Rhythm of Hope Outreach

What does your company do?

Our Vision: Redeeming Africa through Dance Families Ministering Hope Our Mission: We identify places where kids and youth from very low income households are gathered and place qualified dance teachers to mentor and teach them dance on a weekly basis to help them rise from their circumstances through dance. We also give bursaries for those with exceptional talent and perserverance to more professional environments so that they can further a career in dance or dance teaching should they so desire. We also have a skills development and entrepeneurship project that helps the moms of our bursary students gain an extra income to help provide for their child’s education. We currently have 60 young students dancing with us on a weekly basis and 5 Bursary Students at Pro-Arte Alphen Park.

What is your biggest success?

Probably surviving for more than a decade and through COVID-19 as an NPO, but also our oldest student in the program who started with is as a Gr1 learner, and is now writing matric, and dancing her final RAD exam, who currently manages our social media marketing pages and wants to qualify as a Dance Teacer to uplift her community. She has also won the Dance Department at Pro-Arte’s Choreography award in 2023, is well spoken and a leader amongst her peers and community.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our Bursary Project has been our best and greatest challenge. Best because it has elevated the standard of dance and level of opportunity we get to offer our students. But also greatest because it was an unexpected solution when the school where we taught’s (Pure Hope School’s) High School Division was forced to close down. This also tripled our annual budget which has been a struggle to raise every year without a long-term corporate partner: But despite this, we have managed to successfully raise the funds annually.