Tamsin Haley

Social Happiness

What does your company do?

We believe that businesses are the changing force of the economy, and a way to impact communities globally. Our aim is to provide happiness in the business space by cultivating digital marketing ecosystems that help our clients build their businesses. Your business could be our next success! We do this by performing our duties as outsourced marketing strategists, who build plans and execute them on the behalf of our clients, always working towards their business goals.

What is your biggest success?

Writing "Don't Be a Twatwaffle: 15 marketing mistakes you can avoid" to help more businesses avoid pitfalls in their marketing efforts which is costing them money. The case studies in the book are all based on our experience in Social Happiness, and we looked to see how we could solve them problems to help our clients better, but also to create a marketing tool for smaller businesses.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

COVID halved our business by half initially, and then we grew significantly. This growth was a challenge to manage, but our team has been able to implement better more efficient systems thanks to this learning curve. We were able to use these processes to further leverage our working processes to move our company successfully to a 4 day work week.