Tania Pheiffer

Woodlands Healing Spa

What does your company do?

Woodlands Healing Spa is an oasis nestled along the serene banks of the Crocodile River in Muldersdrift, Krugersdorp, South Africa. Our establishment is not just a spa; it's a holistic sanctuary designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Here's what we offer: Bespoke Spa Treatments: We provide personalised spa treatments tailored to each guest's unique needs, combining traditional therapies with innovative techniques to promote relaxation, healing, and self-discovery. Restaurant: Our on-site restaurant offers a delectable experience, featuring nutritious and delicious meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients, most from our own farm-to-table project. Guests can indulge in nourishing dishes that complement their wellness journey. Guesthouse: With comfortable accommodations overlooking the tranquil river, our guesthouse provides a peaceful retreat for visitors seeking a restorative escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Retreat and Conference Venue: We host transformative retreats and conferences that inspire personal growth, mindfulness, and connection. Our versatile venue caters to various events, fostering a supportive environment for learning, collaboration, and rejuvenation. Energy Healing Experiences: In addition to traditional spa services, we offer energy healing experiences aimed at restoring balance and vitality. These sessions empower individuals to tap into their innate healing abilities and cultivate holistic well-being. Workshops and Classes: Through educational workshops and classes, we empower our guests to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. From meditation and yoga to creative expression and wellness coaching, we offer diverse opportunities for growth and enrichment. At Woodlands Healing Spa, our mission is to provide an unforgettable experience that nurtures the body, invigorates the spirit, and fosters profound transformation. We are committed to creating a haven where guests can escape, rejuvenate, and embark on a path toward holistic wellness and self-discovery.

What is your biggest success?

As the owner of Woodlands Healing Spa, my biggest success lies in building a thriving wellness haven that not only fulfills my entrepreneurial vision but also positively impacts the lives of our guests and the community, fostering growth, healing, and empowerment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been navigating the challenges posed by the global pandemic, which significantly impacted the hospitality and wellness industry.