Tanya Bekker

SenseAble Infant Massage & Nanny Training

What does your company do?

I recruit enemployed African ladies in my community for nanny & domestic training. I screen them into the correct category, train them (due to financial constraints only for 30-40 hours but ideally would need to do a 3 month training program). I set up & facilitate the interviews and ensure smooth placements. I offer 4 month further training & support according to each situations needs to ensure long-term, successful employment.

What is your biggest success?

Putting together high standard & quality training material. Successfully finding employment for 8 ladies in 9 months (to date).

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Communication. Reliability of the ladies in their position. Financial, the unemployed ladies coming for training don't even have transport money. So any small income goes directly into further training material, resources, printing, transport & food.