Taryn Mentor

Pétor Creatives Youth Development

What does your company do?

We began our journey in 2021 with a pattern making pilot workshop in December and from that the need grew. We service our community by providing workshops in the creative aspects from crocheting, sewing, pattern making, jewellery making and vinyl printing. The company aims to provide the skills mentioned to uplift, empower, motivate, and encourage youth to be self-employed or employable thus, creating a sense of hope in the future and creating a sustainable networking program. Elana Pekeur and Taryn Mentor both share a love for learning and empowering others through continuous learning and networking. Both reside in Mitchell's Plain.

What is your biggest success?

Our workshop participants have the option to become members for the year, and with that join in on the fun to be a part of the fashion shows that the team hosts on an annual basis. There is a lot of work that goes into interviews, fabric hunting, model searches and all that goes on behind the scenes. We work with other NGO organizations, those that want to empower women, those that empower the disabled and those that assist the youth. The company collaborates with others that are better equipped in certain fields to bring and share our talents amongst other communities.Tackling projects in this manner has brought the company to where it is today, with a good reputation amongst those it serves. The team has accomplished 3 fashion shows that have been showcased on CTV, where well known comedian Marc Lottering was present for one and another demo run through on Women’s Day 2023 and hosted at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre. With some of the designers designer for some big clothing companies, some sewing for some big companies as well. The co-founders are currently learning how to be producers with CTV and their PDP program. It has been an insightful journey thus far, with learning so many new television and media jargon. What can we say but that we love to learn and broaden our minds; we keep dreaming.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

We have a few hurdles: We are slowly assisting the community with paid jobs in sewing, however for this to happen they first need to complete a set of garment before we can give out work as to make sure quality is being met. We are currently in need of industrial machines Our biggest hurdle is getting the funds to build a building for our CMT, in which we would love to employ our members and have a place that we can call home, we are persistant and this will come into the light with all the hard work that we are curently doing. This will aid the many projects that we are currenty getting in and that needs industrial machines to construct.