Thabang Buthelezi

Thabang Buthelezi

What does your company do?

Thabang Buthelezi’s eponymous label aims to promote ethical and sustainable fashion through design and innovation. The Cape Town based label makes high quality goods in collaboration with artists, weavers and textile makers from across the African continent

What is your biggest success?

In January 2024, Thabang’s eponymous label was selected to participate in Nubuke Foundations artist residency in Accra, Ghana where they will focus on traditional and contemporary weaving techniques, sustainable practices, and innovative textile design in collaboration with weavers in Loho, Wa. During the six week residency, the label will get the opportunity to conduct research - from spinning and dyeing to the delicate process of loom weaving, providing a firsthand experience of the skill and experience involved in Ghanaian textile creation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?