Thabang Rapotu

Poised Solutions by Thabang

What does your company do?

Poised Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a service centric, hospitality consultation company divided into four services/solutions/ wings.​ The Name The name Poised Solutions is inspired by the very definition from the Oxford dictionary... Poised "having a composed and self-assured manner" or "having a graceful and elegant bearing". We strive to deliver and embody hospitality solutions in this manner at all times. Gracefully, elegantly and with poise.​ Our logo is inspired by the elegant butterfly's evolution and inspiring metamorphosis from a caterpillar to an elegant adult butterfly. Some of the butterfly's prominent symbolism associated with its metamorphosis include: Resilience and Endurance, Transformation, Change, Hope. This is what Poised Solutions stands for. Our Services /Solution/ Wings 1. The Sales Representation Wing Poised Solutions offers sales and representation solutions for a collection of properties. Please contact us via email or chat should you require this service. Visit on Instagram to see more. 2. The Luxury Travel Wing Poised Solutions by Thabang is an Independent Travel Consultant at Little Emperors. Poised Solutions by Thabang via the Little Emperors booking platform offers you access to guaranteed benefits at the most exclusive hotels around the globe. In just a couple of minutes Poised Solutions by Thabang can reserve your stay. No Mess No fuss. Affiliations As well as of course being IATA registered, Poised Solutions by Thabang via Little Emperors is part of Virtuoso, and all luxury hotel group preferred partner platforms. ​​ 3. Extended Hospitality Administration Support Wing Poised Solutions offers day to day hospitality sales related administration solutions for a collection of travel industry clients. Please contact us via email or chat should you require this service. 4. Mystery Shopper Services Wing Poised Solutions offers mystery shopper solutions for a collection of travel industry clients in order to improve service delivery. The mystery shopper program is customised for each client. Please contact us via email or chat should you require this service.

What is your biggest success?

Achieving my career goal as Cluster Director of Sales in the Seychelles for Hilton Seychelles after putting in all the work after so many years. Also winning the Hilton Africa Indian Ocean Sales Leader of the year award in 2021 during the pandemic inspired me to relocate back home to South Africa to focus on my own hospitality consulting business. The journey has not been easy but it has been rewarding to watch my business go through its own metamorphosis. The African hospitality and travel space has so much potential and is a growing industry that has been resilient in the face of the pandemic and more. I am encouraged and fuelled by the power of collaboration amongst my peers. Many are opting to do things differently and serving customers in a more intuitive way. The Pandemic has made us all realise how much we need each other even more. collaboration and understanding everyone’s uniqueness has shaped my passion for the industry.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Some of the challenges I face as a start up business in the destination marketing space • engaging with the right key players post the COVID pandemic to create awareness and interest in a destination full of many accommodation options is a challenge. So many key players in the industry have either left the industry or changed industries, so right now it’s all about catching up with everyone who is still relevant and in the industry. • Direct airlift or flight accessibility into the destination. This could make or break the success of the destination as travellers ideally prefer direct flight access to connecting flights. • Finding creative ways to communicate the destination’s value proposition, and creating a reason for people to visit from amongst other destinations