Thabiso Magdeline Sekhula

1000 Limpopo Secrets

What does your company do?

We help people in rural Limpopo navigate the world of tech and marketing. Our company shows off Limpopo gems, the people, places and experiences to ensure that money circulated within the province. We are a media company specialising in digital marketing and social impact. We market businesses to help get feet in doors, we train and upskilling staff at these establishments so that they are able to navigate online spaces to gain customers and create engaging content that brings clients and we build digital hubs in rural communities which ensure that kids growing up in rural areas have access to information that helps them compete on a global scale. We are the bridge between the village and the world. Bringing the world to the village and teaching skills to the village to help them compete at global levels despite the challenges.

What is your biggest success?

Through our work showing off Limpopo, we have managed to create incomes for households in even the most remote of villages, this is done by bringing international tourists to these villages and curating itineraries that are attractive and authentic and keep tourists coming back. We operate at direct impact level without middle men and things to dilute the impact. Every single effort we make in marketing Limpopo translates into income for someone’s business and homes which would otherwise not be able to make the income. Seeing old and young people hopeful and proud of their homes - seeing how they can be proud of their homes and culture and it can take care of them right back, that is special. It gives people back their dignity and it means that even more young will consider staying in Limpopo if they see these opportunities as opposed to my generation who felt they had to leave Limpopo to seek opportunities elsewhere.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle is operating on a smaller scale than I wish I could. Because we are self funded, things move slower and smaller than they should. But this is just for the meantime, every effort means the world to those it impacts.