Thandeka Amanda Zwane


What does your company do?

We cater ,serve and prepare irresistible & impeccable well prepared food with expectional presentation. We believe in bringing people together and giving them our culinary experience.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success would be being able to give back to the community by employing people from my community and also employees satisfaction cause I believe in creating a happy place for my employees will definitely bring the best of them and with that it will make their life's and work life even more easier. I'm a believer of personal growth and empowerment. I'm empowered to empower, seeing one stand on their feet and pursuing their dreams is success for me .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Well it has to be family and values. I've learnt the hard way to never mix my business and family , don't get me wrong I love and appreciate them but I do not want them anywhere close to business meaning I won't hire any family members, I say this because we don't share the same values as to how I want my business to run. As an individual I have my own values and principles that I've set for myself and my business and as a boss I have to live by them all the time family or not cause the growth of my business depends on that .