Thandeka Zulu

Niya Consulting Pty (Ltd)

What does your company do?

We are a multi-faced organization and business incubation that facilitate business strategies in the interest of growing starts-ups in township and rural areas. provides clients including the start-ups and micro businesses with effective processes to stay abreast with on-going changing of the sector to build sustainable economies. we provide a holistic approach, that provide comprehensive and integrated interventions between its stakeholders, investors. we work with informal economy and formal economy starts-ups in different businesses that you find in the township and rural

What is your biggest success?

-The business to be operating beyond KwaZulu-Natal where its originated. In this five years we are operating in five provinces, annually impacting 60 township economy entrepreneurs, 50 ECD centers and 1600 cotton small scale farmers -To be able to work with approximately 1600 cotton small scale farmers, where 75% are female, which is a crop that is on demand in the retail value chains. This work showcased different stakeholders working together on the common goal of improving the livelihoods. - In 2022,to be the 1st runner up for Standard Bank top women entrepreneur and 2nd runner up on young achiever.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

To get investors who understand the informal economy for their scalability. we have observe the trend from late 2022 that now corporates and investors are keen for township/rural economy. however we still have challenges as after short-term intervention there are expectation of them to be formal registered through CIPC. some are not ready for this huge jump in their businesses and some like to remain informal.