Thandi Mkhondo

Senior Paralegal Consultants

What does your company do?

We serve members of the public by making sure that access to the justice system is applicable to all and strive for their legal matters to be remedied in a holistic way. We further educate communities on their constitutional human rights. We provide practical training to Paralegal Graduates to further enhance their qualification and to shape and prepare them for entrepreneurship.

What is your biggest success?

A call from Daily Thetha Show on SABC1 to appear live and provide my opinion on constructive dismissal as a Paralegal. Getting matters granted for the public who can't afford private lawyers. Seeing Paralegals we have trained, establishing their own practices and becoming entrepreneurs.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Start up finances Marketing, my business is moving quite slow but I won't give up because I believe in my business so much and I know it will create so many job opportunities.