Thandiwe Mngomezulu

Mpumelelo day care centre

What does your company do?

Early childhood development, giving children that foundation they need to get ready for school.

What is your biggest success?

I used to work In a shack and in a space of 2 years I was able to build better classes for the children also i used to alone but now I have hired staff of approximately 5 People who I pay on a monthly basis. Again the most and wonderful achievement is being to have my own uniform that he all the information of the organisation from its name, contact numbers ad the slogan. I started with only 3 children and now am proud to say that the organisation has grown with an enormous number of more than 50 children which I can add as one of my biggest achievements and am still hoping that the number increases and that I extend my classes and hire more staff.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle so far has been not being able to get sponsorship to improve some of the things in the organisation like playing material, playing ground for the children and safe swings for them to have fun also I have been struggling to add classes due to lack of funds for building material not only for classes but also for toilets, kitchen and office. Also we do not have electricity so it sometimes gets hard to do other things like keeping children warm during winter.