Thando Nkonzwana

Image Makers Modelling


What does your company do?

My Business helps less fortunate individuals with their confidence in life, I help them see the beauty within themselves and allow them to strive for greatness in Modelling. I help them by being their true selves, having modelling classes, it’s more about being a model, I go more in depth about modelling and how to change the narrative of our youth more importantly - help disabled people to allow them to also be a model and see the world differently they are also Gods people. I host modelling events yearly and give away weaves to females who don’t have the funds to purchase. I allow men to see the beauty of themselves and not always think about negativity of the township. We unite together to make a positive impact in communities! I also teach morals how to be humble and present yourselves. I really would like to make a difference in today’s world/ society and bring back ubuntu in our townships with modelling shows. I was bullied growing up and I had nobody and that made me want to be there for most people that was affected by that and bring back their confidence. There are YouTube videos to help them but I feel like being physically present with people brings so much peace and reassurance that there are good and kind people out there.

What is your biggest success?

Hosting two successful modelling events - being known for making an impact in today’s world. I had interviews as well Television as well as radio interviews inspiring people with my story and my work. My biggest success to myself was being able to overcome the challenges and obstacles of being bullied and came out stronger - which I would like to help more individuals out there as it’s my calling from God. I have so much passion for modelling but it takes so much work from the inside first as I quote “ beauty starts from the inside and not the outside”.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

After high school I wouldn’t further my studies, my mother was a single parent - I have four siblings she played her part and I needed to figure out what exactly do I want in life. I went out there and asked a salon to be a model for them and that’s how it started, I had friends that was so much fortunate then me and I couldn’t afford to buy weaves and when I started being a hair model and getting all types of weaves to wear I started as a runway model and that’s where I loved being in the spotlight I love modelling as a passion from being pressured by friends of not having money to not having friends and being humble knowing what I don’t have I have to work for and today I can proudly say the hair doesn’t define who you are but the inside does.