Thembeka Vilakazi

Thembeka Yadah

What does your company do?

- We offer clothing designing, developing and manufacturing services. - By offering sewing lessons to our community and that helping some women to put bread on the table after they have a skill. - we also give school shoes to disadvantage kids as a way of giving back to the community - we also organize ladies meetings , where we have talks about issues women are facing . Where ladies are free to express themselves. - we also mentor young girls and boys . Where we teach them on how to carry themselves and how to avoid GBV when they grow up.

What is your biggest success?

Training more than 150 ladies in the period of 3 years . Seeing more than 50% of those ladies doing their own businesses it is a huge achievement. Most of all Training 30 GBV victims for 3 months , spending time with them everyday, feeling their pain and seeing their transformation was a very huge achievement

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not enough resources