Thembi Joyce Myriam Fofana


What does your company do?

JT35 SELF CARE RANGE is a company that focuses on bad body odour in the following areas intimate Buttcrack Armpit and Buttcrack areas. JT35 luxurious odour control gel soaps Formulated with high quantity raw materials that bring solutions while understanding there is a stigma in talking about odour and yet people are suffering out there losing relationships marriages and working relationship. We Pride ourselves with restoring dignity and confidence to those who are suffering from the this stigma related

What is your biggest success?

1,The biggest success l had was being approached to do a reality show based on my product line in oder to promote it. Educate people how l & why l started the business & the innovation. 2, Sign a deal with Edenvin denvin store Proudly sa online store. & was l approached by dti to see l can be right business to be assist financially for the business Approach by take alot.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1,The biggest hurdle to us is capital to able to expect this offers we are getting from the stores. 2,Marketing and PR ones we are in the stores we will be able to promote the product line. Branding and packaging The place to work from. Working capital for day to day operations. The vehicle to assist with transport the goods to the stores