Thobile Precious Masilela

Senorita Mother and child internation clinic

What does your company do?

Senorita mother and child international clinic was founded by Dr Thobile Precious Masilela. a young South African cuban trained female doctor, after encountering a lots of women dying from cervical cancer, breast cancer, pregnancy related issues and illegal abortion. She wanted to create a safe , easy access to health care. we envision a generation that is free cancer, give birth to healthy children , planned children with healthy moms mentally , physically and psychologically . service we offer 1. women's health services -family planing (oral contraceptives, injectables, implant , patches, loop ) - emergency contraceptive and post exposure prophylaxis (24 hours services) -breast cancer screening -cervical cancer screen -abnormal periods -anaemia -painful periods abnormal uterine bleed -other GP services -minor procedures - termination of pregnancy -sexual transmitted disease -mental health issues -chronic medical condition -acute medical condition -weight related issues -skin related issues 2- child health -child development assessment -minor procedures( wound care, suturing , removal of foreign body, circumcision ) -child wellness assessments -malnutrition -growth related issues -immunisation 3- aesthetic services -hair problems -skin problems - weight issues

What is your biggest success?

I'm a small girl from a small-town of Newcastle ,I have always had big dreams. From the age of 5-years I wanted to be a lawyer to fight crime that we faced on-daily basis and make a difference to the community. Until I lost a-lots of family members due to HIV-pandemic. Dream changed, I wanted to became a doctor. Due to high competition in South African medical schools i wasn't accepted, but I got invited to Mandela-fidel Castro program. overcame the obstacles of unfavourable conditions and studying in a foreign language (Spanish) and finished at wits (one of the difficult universities). I commissioned the new hospital "Dr Pixely Ka Isaka Seme memorial hospital" where I came across lots of newly diagnosed advance cancer patients. I was inspired to start an extensive primary health base international clinic. Apply the knowledge I acquired in Cuba to improve the life of women and children in Africa.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I have always seen my self as cardio-thoracic surgeon. I really enjoyed the journey yet I felt like I was lacking something, I was always frustrated with unavailability of resources in the state and the discrimination. one day I woke up, wrote my resignation letter, I took a gap year. I found my calling and my purpose, I than came up with Señorita mother and child international clinic. i came up with a name that accommodates every women in Africa. I had to work 3 jobs to buy the equipment and start the clinic. raising my little sister and my son while working 3 jobs. moving into private practice with no clue and support, I have went through litigations but was found non guilty and a safe doctor. its went to a point of applying for protection order against a certain family.