Thuso Tshepiso Vivacious Motau

Tlotlokgolo Business Investments Pty Ltd T/A Mighty house of soap

What does your company do?

Tlotlokgolo Business Investments Pty Ltd which trades as Mighty House of soap is a waste recycling and manufacturing enterprise that collects used cooking oil from local food establishments and repurposed into multipurpose bar soaps and other cleaning products. Incentives are offered to those contributing the used cooking oil, helping them to bolster their businesses. In June 2023 Mighty house of soaps expanded to manufacturing a biological cleaning product. The adoption of biological cleaning products has been steadily increasing in South Africa over the last decade, driven by growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional cleaners

What is your biggest success?

collected 80 tons of used cooking oil to date received a social innovation award from the SAB Foundation received the best innovative township business from the UK KTN Women innovate received the GREEN IS THE NEW GOLD award from Nedbank

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Due to the nature of our products being green and made from natural renewable sources, it is quite a hurdle to get our products on the shelves of the retailers. Our products are made specifically for Eco conscious customers hence those customers are found in retailers that only source green and sustainable products